Who We are

Craig Hughes


Craig Hughes is the Owner & Broker of Upper Cumberland. With a passion for connecting people, working hard, and serving his community, Craig is an experienced business professional, an entrepreneur, and a commercial real estate broker since 2011.

Why UCC is the right choice

Commercial Focused

UCC is the region’s only full service Commercial real estate company. We don't split our time between residential and commercial. We are all-in all the time, working harder for you.

Video Tours

In 2017 video content represents 74% of all internet traffic. We want to reach people where they already are. Our videos are published to YouTube, Loopnet, and Facebook, our website and the local multiple listing service. 

Cold Calls

 Nobody likes making cold calls and that is exactly why we do it. One of the most effective ways to market properties is to hand the property flyer directly to a potential buyer/user. 

Personal Showings

Time is money and not knowing the specifics during a tour like Volts/Amps, Ceiling height, etc., delays a prospects decision making ability. We don't use lock boxes and make sure to be on-site during all showings. 

Better for Businesses

Our goal is to answer one question for our clients, "Can we make money here?" We ensure our clients are the most successful they can be, whether it's finding an ideal property, helping them list a location, or creating a customized leasing experience. 

Growing Quickly

UCC is rapidly growing. We have extended our marketing reach from regional, to nationwide, to international. We are constantly working to improve ourselves to give you the most effective experience. 

Previous Clients


What we do

Sales and Leasing


 We make direct sales calls personally handing your property information to area users. Our online marketing includes Local and Regional listing services, National (Co-Star and LoopNet), and Internationally (Certified Commercial Investment Members).

 · Commercial

 · Industrial

 · Apartments

 · Retail Strip Centers 

Property Management


 MAC-Management and Consulting focuses exclusively on maximizing returns and profitability through the management of your real estate portfolio. With over $25 million in real estate sales last year, our expertise is vast. 

· Better returns- More personal time, 

· Better guidance- Buy/hold/sell analysis within areas and markets 

· Exclusive access- Acquisition/disposition opportunities.

· Advanced Accounting - Real time flexible reporting

Investment Analysis


 Advanced, accurate calculations, including value-add opportunities and their impact on your investment.

 · Calculating returns- Short Term, Long term, and local Economic factors.

· Net Operating Income- What are you actually making?

· Cash on Cash Return- How soon will your deposit be returned?  

CAP Rate/ Return- On-Investment (ROI)- Forecasting income on investment